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LWCOG Ministries Inc, is a religious outreach organization formed for the purpose of providing housing to moderate and lower income families and is filed and qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

This mission is simple. Change a community one deserving family and one house at a time and to allow that deserving family to take prideful ownership in a beautifully renovated home. Then simply duplicate that process as many times as possible.


The model is innovative.  Take a very creative approach to combining the “unique” aspects of a non profit entity and the entrepreneurial focus of a for profit entity. Our strict mind set with this process internally from top to bottom is to provide a hand up and NOT a hand out to deserving buyers. Initially a vast majority of these buyers will come from established, long term relationships LWCOG has with many local churches.  

The funding is unique.  Partner with private entities to provide funding to initiate property acquisitions. Funds are placed in the escrow account and only disbursed at the closing of a pre approved acquisition. This creates a line of credit type vehicle. Funds are secured with a clear first lien position on each property. Per diem yields are disbursed at the closing and principal is returned to the escrow account. Net profits are disbursed to the general operating account.