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The Path to Home Ownership Starts Here


Our mission is simple.  It is to change a community one deserving family and one house at a time and to allow that deserving family to take prideful ownership in a beautifully renovated home. Then simply duplicate that process as many times as possible.

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Making A Difference

Over the years many attempts have been made by various entities to revitalize Central Ohio communities.  Some have had success but unfortunately many have not. LWCOG model is to take a very innovative approach to combining the “unique” aspects of a non profit entity and the entrepreneurial focus of a for profit entity.  We have coupled this with a strong makeup of real estate professionals with a thorough understanding and vast experience of the real estate process. We have assembled a board, directors, officers and providers that combined have well over 100 years and thousands of real estate transactions experience covering all facets of the real estate process.



We will use that expertise and apply it to our goal of placing deserving families into a home ownership position instead of an endless and frequently  frustrating tenant position. Our strict mind set with this process internally from top to bottom is to provide a hand up and NOT a hand out. Our home buyers will not only be rewarded financially for their diligence and hard work that has earned them this privilege but will also be a model for future home ownership candidates in their neighborhoods.  Thus the one family and one house at a time model can truly have a positive impact on the housing quality in a revitalizing neighborhood.

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Initially a vast majority of these families will come from established relationships LWCOG has with many local churches.  All church leaders have made it clear that there is an almost endless supply of deserving buyers within their congregations and communities. And most important as church leaders they are willing to introduce those buyers if they have the confidence that the families are being placed in a high quality and strong ownership position with a trusted entity like LWCOG.

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Each home buyer will take prideful ownership of a completely internally warranted and beautifully renovated home. Each home will be properly renovated from top to bottom with finishes usually only found in new home builds. This will insure that each buyer can start off right in their new role as a home owner.

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LWCOG has teamed up with area banks to provide solid and sound low down payment mortgage programs.  LWCOG non profit status also provides recognized down payment assistance and legitimate sweat equity opportunities to reduce hidden long term costs that can be associated with low down payment programs for home buyers.

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Our typical home will be offered for sale mostly in the $65,000 - $250,000 range subject to established and realistic improved values for that specific neighborhood.

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